Estate Milonguera VIII
Lipari july 14 – 23, 2017


Welcome to the eighth annual Estate Milonguera!
Amigos milongueros on the holidays in Aeolian islands.
A lot of relax, a lot of tango, a lot of beauty!
Sea, sun, deck-chair and sea umbrellas in swimming pool or on the cliff. Boat trips and Sicilian cuisine.
To share the friends.

Dance every evening! Milonga in garden by swimming pool with extraordinary musicalizadores: Enrico "il Mali" Malinverni, Pasquale Siniscalco, Walter "Zorro Gris" Sordelli.

Dance more. Our teachers, Osvaldo Roldàn and Anna Maria Ferrara, for those who want to study. Their tango for our tango!

To share the embraces.

The venue? You'll love it!
The hotel is built on the cliff of the Porto delle Genti, not far from the center of Lipari. The view and the location are incomparable: from the one side there is a fortress of the castle on Marina Corta, from the other side there is the horizon of Tyrrhenian Sea.
In order to participate in the event is not mandatory to lodge in Carasco hotel.
Do you like camping, roulotte or camper? Well! Choose "Camping Baia Unci" (a km 3,8 dal Carasco)
Or if you have a favourite accomodation in Lipari please choose it...tango and friends will wait for you at the Carasco Hotel!

It will be nice, you'll see, we'll have fun!

Waiting for you, hugs