Estate Milonguera 2017 in Lipari

All the activities will take place at the Carasco Hotel ****, event location.

  • 9 evenings of Milonga

    Musicalizador: Enrico "il Mali" Malinverni, Pasquale Siniscalco, Walter "Zorro gris" Sordelli

From 11,00 p.m. to 3,00 a.m. - We protect the numerical parity man-woman, traditional music, tandas y cortinas, mirada y cabeceo appreciate.
Special guests Osvaldo Roldàn e Anna Maria Ferrara

  • Osvaldo Roldàn and Anna Maria Ferrara show

    Saturday 22th july at midnight hour

Don't miss this date with two international artists, leading figures of the contemporary Argentine Tango, who dedicate their job and their art to research and to the study of Tango as a continued fact-finding investigation and undeniable art interpretation.

  • “Beliefs: from the life to Tango.”

    Tuesday 18 july at 7 p.m.

What is a system of beliefs? Which power do we give to our beliefs and how they influence us. Can we change them?
Elisabetta Muraca will explain it to us, in the room Sala Musica of the Carasco garden, waiting for the sunset!

  • Boat trips
  • Afternoon lessons

    group/private with Osvaldo Roldàn and Anna Maria Ferrara

...their tango for our tango!


Welcome Cocktail + 9 Milonga + Staying (double standard room) + International breakfast + Dinner placè (Mediterranean unique menu, three dishes, ½ l mineral water, ¼ l wine.
Alternatives for celiac, intolerants and vegetarians.)

  • 10gg € 780/person;
  • 7gg € 650/person;
  • 4gg € 370/person;
  • 1 g € 135/person.


  • Singole € 10/room/night ;
  • DUS (sea side window) € 25/room/night;
  • DUS (sea side balcony) € 35/room/night;
  • Superior € 20/room/night ;
  • Exclusive € 45/room/night.

Reductions III/IV beds:

  • 10 days 20%; 8 days 15%; 4 days 15% ; 1 day 15% less than ‘standard room’ price.
Out of the package
  • Group/Private lessons with O. Roldan e A.M. Ferrara;

Afternoon group lessons with thematic classes max 15 couple.
Class registration for couples and singles.
Fresh water and fruit salad provided.
Private lessons will directly be reserved to Lipari.

  • Boat trips;
  • Transfer service

In order to participate in the event is not mandatory to lodge in Carasco hotel.

The event is restricted to Luoghi di Tango a.s.d. associates, enrolled ACSI - Faitango
(the guests not residents in the hotel Carasco can sign the application of enrollment ACSI - Faitango before the event)