La Soirée de La Matinée – 2019, December 28th / 29th
Fiesta Milonguera, Milano

Let’s enjoy La Soirée de La Matinée!

An exclusive event, entirely dedicated to the ones who have been supporting me in my “new adventures” during the past few years. I’m talking about the encuentros “Para dos” in Verona and “Sur” in Catania, and “La Matinée” in Milan (the monthly milonga that I organize in Milan).

So, dear friends - milongueras y milongueros de mi corazón - how do you feel about meeting at garage Moulinski on Saturday, December 28th and on Sunday, December 29th?
What do you think about celebrating together for two days and greeting together the new year?
With our amazing hugs, the bien milonguero tango of 3 awesome DJs and a great chef who will prepare for us some tasty food to refresh and also share the pleasures of the table!

If you like the idea of this ‘FIESTA MILONGUERA’ in Milan, mark the date:
La Soirée de La Matinée, 28-29 December, Garage Moulinski, Via Antonio Pacinotti 4, Milan.



Saturday, 28th

  • 16:00-20:00 Milonga de Bienvenida, at console: Ale Mazza
  • 20:00-21:30 Dinner: fixed menu with first course, second course, dessert, water
  • 21:30-02:00 La Soirée, at console: Francesco Patierno

Sunday, 29th

  • 12:30-14:00 Lunch: fixed menu with appetizer, first course, dessert, water
  • 14:00-19:00 La Matinée, at console: Paolo Persiani


Garage Moulinski is a new music bistrot in Milan’s city centre, born just over a year ago. It had been an auto workshop for almost a century: now it’s a charming and welcoming club, with an intimate, and at the same time cheerful, atmosphere.
From Via Pacinotti, at n° 4 you will find a front door without any sign. You are now just a few steps away from a big glass door and…
You will find in front of you a large, high loft on two levels (the room is not very big, but it has two mezzanines).
From the skylight in the double pitched roof, the light illuminates the exposed wooden beams; a big bookcase, a lot of plants, a grand piano (it looks more like a private loft!), wicker chairs and tables made of wood, metal…
The little counter of this American bar is surrounded by hanging glasses, ice buckets and bottles of fine wine. The food is very good, and between one course and the other you may reach the small “garden” on the mezzanine to smoke a cigarette or chat with friends outdoor.

Garage Moulinski, via Pacinotti 4 - Milano (p.zza Firenze/Cagnola) - More photos HERE