PARA DOS – 2019, may 24th – 26th
small Encuentro Milonguero, Verona


Dear fellows, Verona is ready to welcome us for the new edition of “Para dos”!

Our wonderful location this year will have a new floor: we dismantled the original marble flooring of Verona to replace it with a dance parterre.

Once again we’ll be in the downtown of an art city: Verona , UNESCO Heritage, 2000. Indeed, the invaluable and stunning area of the former church of Santa Maria in Chiavica will be our venue.
A small ancient church in a strategic position to reach – by walking – the most beautiful places of the city.

Beauty is what we love about places.
Close dimension, warm atmospheres and sharing is what we love about tango.
Thus all together we will welcome old and new friends, we will exchange hugs with smiles and in convivial moments we will say "cheers!" to tango and beauty!

The Program

Friday 24th

Milonga del Viernes

  • at console Gabriella Marchesi (Bergamo, Italia) from 17 to 24
  • Continuous and served buffet, from 18 to 24

Saturday 25

Milonga del Sabado

  • at console Michela Indaco (Perugia, Italia) from 17 to 24
  • Continuous and served buffet, from 18 to 24

Sunday 26


  • at console Paolo Persiani (Verona, Italy) from 13 to 21
  • Continuous and served buffet, from 13 to 20

The 3 Buffets

In the chancel, our refreshment corner signed by Scapin.
We love friends and conviviality: instead of the bar in milonga we will have a continuous and served buffet:

  • On FRIDAY and SATURDAY at happy hour time we will start with the salty buffet, then sweet buffet until midnight; the dinner time will be marked by two hot dishes.
  • On SUNDAY, for the despedida we will find a continuous and served buffet-style brunch until the end greetings.

The Venue

Santa Maria in Chiavica is a small building of the XII century located in the heart of the homonymous district. In piazzetta Chiavica, the Romanesque bell tower – original in red bricks, not so high on the street - points out the front door. The interior – three-nave, sober and quiet – shows fragments of frescoes of the XV century. There is a lot of light. And on the floor, original, the pink marble of Verona. We are in the historical Verona. Not far from the city square Piazza dei Signori, the Scaliger Tombs, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza Bra, river Adige bridges, Castelvecchio, Juliet’s house and her balcony.

Address: Para dos in the former Church of Santa Maria in Chiavica, via S.M. in Chiavica n 7, Verona.